The 90° Boost


When working with young individuals, involved in various kinds of crime and other negative activities, we believe it is important, not to try “converting them”, but rather by positive reinforcement bring about a change in perception, thereby, creating a positive thinking pattern, and a personal ”boost”.
This is achieved by working within five dimensions – Being heard, Eliminating Criminal Behavior, Interaction, Fundamental Values and Cooperation. Thus helping them channel and focus their “highlighted” energy and resources towards more positive activities. Through helping and supporting young individuals today, we may avoid negative trends in the future.

  • Being heard

    Young individuals often have a desire to reach beyond different defined boundaries, yet they often lack the required trans boundary skills. iuvare creates a platform for young individuals, so they can be heard and thus contribute to ongoing debates in the community. This strategy is focused on participant support and guidance, so they may understand and experience the value of creativity and initiative, yet also the importance and strength of being vocally heard. The ultimate point is to give young individuals the desire and energy to create constructive dialogues.
    Through utilizing knowledge derived from previous experience, we are able to increase the understanding between different generations which ultimately enhances the bond between youth and their families.

  • Eliminating Criminal Behavior

    “The one who mastered and is not afraid of violence enjoys the respect and status”. For many young people violence creates a sense of meaning in their lives. The attitude to violence and weapons dramatically affect young individual personalities, -the interaction between young individuals and between young individuals and the elderly. iuvare gives young individuals an option, through our support young individuals find the meaning and motivation to a life without violence.

  • Interaction

    Through dialogue participants are engaged to interact in cooperation. To discuss “cause and effect” is one way to highlight the problems and seek solutions. If e.g. one discusses the root causes of social exclusion and what actions that can be taken in order to combat social exclusion, this leads to that participants interact with their community and each other in order to actively reduce social exclusion. These dialogues should involve not only young individuals; they also must be intergenerational.

  • Fundamental Values

    By showing young individuals how they can influence their lives and the community on a local, national and international level, creates a safe and secure platform where they feel seen and involved. Thereby, they can contribute to facilitate their own and other young people’s lives.

  • Cooperation

    The most effective way to promote peace and protect the rights of children and young individuals is through consultation and cooperation between children, youth and adults. This means that you must share information and build relationships between youth and adult-led community organizations.