Background and Facts


The iuvare Mission Statement

iuvares mission is to provide Swedish and foreign youths with the conditions needed for them to integrate and to prevent social exclusion. We believe that all people desire to live in consensus and harmony, and also that all people wish to take responsibility for their own lives. Therefore, our activities are designed as self assisting activities in a group setting. In order for iuvare to maintain a sustainable development, we work with the conviction that all individuals are needed, can live together and be productive in tomorrow’s society.    

We are passionate about creating greater consensus and understanding. Contributing to a society where everyone has his own identity while respecting others individual identities. No one should become socially excluded due to incomprehension. All that dwell within the borders, should feel a common responsibility to maintain democracy.

iuvare works with people of all ages. Active participation of all involved makes it possible to deeply affect the participants’ view of conflict and social exclusion. iuvare provides participants with alternatives to violence as a conflict resolution method. Thus iuvare contributes concretely to the reduction of violence and other effect of social exclusion in society.

  1. Children and adolescents affects society not only in the future but also here and now.
  2. Children and young people have skills and abilities that rightly targeted can contribute towards creating a positive change in society.
  3. Young people can take a stand and handle well in dealing with most issues that concern them.


The iuvare Objective

Youth integration and diversity – two sides of the same coin. On the one hand we need to do more to involve young individuals (those with fewer opportunities), On the other hand, we must in a positive manner, manage the diversity that groups with different background contributes with.

The programs primary goal is to address the various dimensions of social exclusion, such as powerlessness, often linked to a lack of information and isolation; vulnerability and risk behaviors, such as criminal behavior, radicalization, and health problems.

Our secondary goal is to provide participants with knowledge and skills to express themselves, thereby making them feel wanted and accepted. In this way, they contribute to a positive development of society.


The iuvare Intention 

  1. Contribute to increase the preconditions for understanding, openness and discussion between young individuals of Swedish and foreign origin from different socio-economic, cultural and religious backgrounds. Thus reducing the frustration of today’s society, that often leads to misunderstanding, social exclusion, radicalization and crime.
  2. Provide young individuals with concrete alternatives to violence and fundamentally change their view of social differences so that they can contribute significantly to the reduction of violence in society.