Dialogue and youth camp – Integration and social exclusion

iuvare offers an innovative and unique program, that aims at assisting young individuals to move from a passive to a more active participation of their own social situation.

The problem

“The cost of social exclusion per cohort in Lund, Sweden is approximately € 154 million”

“This year, 1365 six year olds start elementary school in Lund. According to statistics 146 of them become socially excluded later in life. By the time they have turned 65 years old, this will have added up to the above mentioned amount. This excluding the cost of human anguish. By early intervention, we can prevent and combat social exclusion.

Sweden is an economically prosperous welfare society. Even though, more than 12% in each cohort become socially excluded in society. This causes not only human suffering but also enormous economical costs. An individual who enters social exclusion from the age 20 until he/she retires, cost society between € 1,4–1,6 million. This derives from all welfare costs (health care, rehabilitation, nursing, judiciary costs, health care interventions, etc.) on top of this comes the production loss throughout their adult lives. This, per cohort, becomes a cost of about € 154 million. The price of social exclusion by five cohorts is as high as Sweden’s national debt! Source:


Attention: Lund, with a population of about 116 000, is used as an example regarding the cost of social exclusion.
To find out more about social exclusion and the costs to your municipality in Sweden, click here (Swedish).


Through interactive dialogue iuvare creates positive integration

Based on iuvares objectives, values and our 90° Boost we conduct programs and activities that contribute toward creating a better future society for all. Through positive interaction our participants gain a greater understanding of themselves and of others, which also leads to a greater understanding of their surroundings. We offer the following:

Educational projects 

Projects that offer children and young individuals the opportunity to understand their rights, analyze differences, and through positive reinforcement change their attitudes towards building partnerships by use of youth camps, interactive dramas and workshops.

Media projects

In order to participate and become an active part in local and national issues that affect, our media projects allow children and young individuals to learn and incorporate different media, such as: radio, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

• Activities

Activities that enable children and young individuals to come together and socialize over dividing lines and thereby contributing towards changing their communities in a positive manor.


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